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Health Media Marketing

Health Media Marketing

Need health care SEO help, web content creation or website advice from a health & beauty marketing & SEO PRO?

Health Media Marketing

Need health care SEO help, web content creation or website advice from a health & beauty marketing & SEO PRO?

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Gain Audience

Win new clients and gain digital presence with your target patients, customers or clientele.

Learn how to create engaging content or revamp your entire site and digital strategy for BUSINESS GROWTH and SUSTAINABILITY.

Stay within your industry guidelines and learn to PUT your Clinic, Services or Professional Expertise to work to grow your niche market and professional reputation.  Increase Referrals, build brand recognition and loyalty, improve web site visits and conversions and MAKE YOUR CONTENT COUNT.

Health Media Marketing is led by Connie May, MHST, who brings 20 years of health care sector marketing  and consumer engagement and education experience to the role, including directing social change videos, patient education videos, and awareness raising campaigns for services in education, mental health, autism, well being and psychology.  

Generate Engagement

Involve your target audience in conversations and increase conversions to grow your business.  Learn how to spark intrigue and client loyalty to leverage your digital web content and SEO efforts for greater  gains.

Gain Cred with Google

Improve your content, domain authority, back links and google cred (page ranking). Find out what you need to do to improve your digital footprint and gain traction in a highly competitive global field with ever changing rules.

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We can HELP. Get in touch and find out what we can do to help you GROW your health, wellness or beauty business.

Digital Strategies & SEO fo medical professionals and clinics or hospitals. Content & Videos.

Because our content writing, SEO strategy, photography, video directing/video production and web build advice services are in high demand, and because we specialise in Medical Marketing, we ONLY serve one industry expert or large CLINIC per specialty area of medicine or per major metropolis region. No conflicts of interest.  


Masters in Health (UQ) BSBA - (UT) - USA & AUS Medical Marketing

Over 8 healthcare & cosmetic medicine specialty knowledge for SEO, Content Writing & Videos/Images.

Healthcare Content & SEO by Health Media Marketing

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


SEO & Medical Marketing Availability

By appointment only, subject to availability.

Client places are limited and if we already serve a group in your area of medicine we will refer you on to another group to avoid conflicts of interest in SEO, Marketing, Medical Marketing, Health Care & Beauty SEO and Content Writing.